Human History in Three Revolutions

Cognitive Revolution


The pace of biological evolution makes paint drying on a wall seem like NASCAR, so not a lot of noteworthy stuff occurs  until we arrive at anatomically modern humans in East Africa 200,000 years ago.

Although slowness still reigns, it picks up a bit 70,000 years ago when the Cognitive Revolution begins. This is one of three major revolutions that Yuval Noah Harari details in his comprehensive book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.

“The Cognitive Revolution is accordingly the point when history declared its independence from biology.  (…) From the Cognitive Revolution onwards, historical narratives replace biological theories as our primary means of explaining the development of Homo sapiens. To understand the rise of Christianity or the French Revolution, it is not enough to comprehend the interaction of genes, hormones and organisms. It is necessary to take into account the interaction of ideas, images and fantasies as well.”

Long before Christianity or the French Revolution came, the development of language itself and the radical expansion in our ability to think and communicate came. All of subsequent history is indebted to the gifts imparted by the Cognitive Revolution.  Continue reading

How to Be a Time Mime

time mime

Time is incredibly important in life.

If life operates upon the principles of music, as Alan Watts suggests, then time is like a dance to that music. Although each person is unique in how they dance and how they perceive rhythm, there exists common patterns between people living in the same place and culture.

Time is something we wear; it’s something we act out. It’s always with us until we are not us anymore because the ol’ Fates have stopped by to end our hours.

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A Second Saved is a Second Earned


“You know, you can have a good life with a lot of time and a little money” he said taking a brief pause, “but you can’t have a good life with a lot of money and a little time.”

It’s the perfect end to a multi-hour conversation. After shelling out a few slips of fiat currency and tucking the used books under my arm, I walk into the autumn day which now seems a bit calmer as I walk a bit slower…


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