To Run Away or To Run Toward

“You’re just running away” the proverbial You shouts.
Ok, well, lets run with that for a bit. That’s usually the cop out, the fear and (if unraveled deep enough) the longing. Many respond with a knee-jerk “No I’m not”, but why not own up to it.
Yes, I am running away.
Or at least we can say “I am running.” I am in movement against the inertia of externally imposed motion. Of frustrated motion. Of the treadmill of the wake-work-eat-sleep life that expends an enormous amount of energy yet doesn’t lead to anywhere I really want to go.

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How to stay Positive when Freedom is Negative

In Medieval Europe the social world reflected the natural world in a grand yet rigid hierarchy. The psychological benefit of this was a deep sense of security and belonging. One had a fixed place inside a closed world, a world with closure where freedom as we know it didn’t really exist.

Neither did anxiety. Or at least it was kept to a minimum because, as Nietzsche wrote, “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”

This was starting to change in Europe by the 14th century as the old-guard structure started to break up and the Commercial Revolution started to, well, start. This provides the economic groundwork for the emergence of Capitalism and a whole new psychological atmosphere.

The sense-of-closure that knit together the Medieval world unravels and all the loose strands swarm around the mind-of-the-land and the land-of-the-mind. “Freeeeeeedom…” reigns and it feels kind of constricting.

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